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Grade XII Free Demo

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Language: English and Nepali

Instructors: Multiple teachers


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Course Curriculum

Basic Mathematics
1.Binomial Theorem For Any Positive Integer (21:00)
2.Binomial Theorem Practice Questions (37:00)
3. Application Of Binomial Theorem (16:00)
4. Binomial Theorem - Logarithmic Series (19:00)
1.Wave Theory Of Light (29:00)
2.Wave Theory Of Light (46:00)
1.Alternating Currents (32:00)
2.Alternating Currents (45:00)
3.Alternating Currents (34:00)
1.Semiconductor (40:00)
2.Semiconductor (45:00)
3.Semiconductor (27:00)
4.Semiconductor (12:00)
1. Electro Chemistry-1 (23:00)
2. Mechanism Of Electrolysis (33:00)
Alkyl Halide Lecture 1 (58:00)
Alcohol Lecture 1 (76:00)
1.Chemical Thermodynamics Lecture 1 (13:00)
2.Chemical Thermodynamics Lecture 2 (17:00)
1. Unit 1 Chapter 1 Company And Its Formation Lecture 1 (89:00)
37.Unti 2 Chapter 4 Corporate Financial Statements Lecture 8 (35:00)
89.Chapter 8 Accounting For Materials Lecture 2-1 (54:00)

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