About Us

Welcome to Nepal's one of the best e-learning platforms. We are an innovative education platform connecting our highly regarded and experienced faculty members and the students from different parts of the world through the electronic media. We envision any person located at any place can get access to the best faculty and highest quality education. We have developed a secured yet user friendly platform for both students and teachers which includes video lectures, notes, test series and live sessions.

We aim to establish ourselves as the market leaders in the online education industry through our student friendly notes, creative teachers and innovative learning methodology provided via our web platform and mobile app.

Our Mission: To provide conceptual clarity of the topics in easiest way possible and empower our students for it's application in the exams as well as in the real world using high quality and super engaging tutorials at an affordable price.

Our Vision: We aspire to be the #1 choice of students when it comes for quality education at an affordable price. 

Our Values: Our Values are REAL. Responsive, Energetic, Adaptable and Leadership.