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Grade XII Chemistry (NEB new syllabus)

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Language: English and Nepali

Instructors: Chiranjibi Ghimire & Maheshor Paudel

Validity Period: 365 days

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Course Description
Mr. Chiranjibi Ghimire (Commonly known as CG Sir) is a faculty member of Chemistry at St. Xavier's College, Maitighar, Advance Academy, Lalitpur and Name Institute, Putalisadak. He is also a co-author of his book "Princliples of Chemistry" for Grade XI and Grade XII published by Budhha Publications which is a widely used book by many plus 2 colleges. 

He is student's favourite when it comes to getting conceptual clarity of the principles of chemistry. His students have succesfully cleared medical entrance exams and is currently one of the best faculties to get the students throught the entrance exams.

Mr. Maheshwor Poudel is one of the most admired faculties of organic chemistry with a teaching experience of more that a decade in many prestigous plus two colleges and also in the medical entrance preparations like Name Institute. His students have successfully cracked the medical entrance exams and many have already completed their MBBS as well.  

Hamro Academy exclusively brings you a high quality studio recorded classes for preparation of Grade XII Chemistry (strictly based on the revised syllabus of NEB) without having a need to go to tuition centres. Subscribing to this course will help you study at your own pace and time. As the videos are recorded, you can watch videos at any time you like. The classes are very explanatory and we have tried our best to cover as many queries as students ask during the physical classes but still if you don't understand any concepts you can always put your questions in the discussion forum. The support team is always there to address you. 

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Note: The Course is valid for 12 months from date of purchase.

Course Curriculum

Halo alkanes and Haloarenes
Alkyl Halide Lecture 1
Alkyl Halide Lecture 2
Alkyl Halide Lecture 3
Alkyl Halide Lecture 4-1 new
Alkyl Halide Lecture 5
Alkyl Halide Lecture 6
Alkyl Halide Lecture 7
Alkyl Halide Lecture 7 Part 2
Alkyl Halide Lecture 7 Part 3
Alkyl Halide Lecture 8
Alkyl Halide Lecture 9
Alkyl Halide Lecture 10
Alkyl Halide Lecture 11
Alkyl Halide Lecture 12
Alcohols and Phenols
Alcohol Lecture 1
2. Alcohol
3. Alcohol
4. Alcohol
5. Alcohol
6. Phenol
Ether Lecture 1
Ether Lecture 2
Ether Lecture 3
Aldehyde and Ketones
1.Carbonyl Compounds
2.Carbonyl Compounds
3.Carbonyl Compounds
4.Carbonyl Compounds
Carboxylic acid and derivative
1.Carboxylic Acid
2.Carboxylic Acid
3.Carboxylic Acid
4. Carboxylic Acids
Nitro compound
1.Nitrogen Containing Compounds (Nitro Alkanes)
2.Nitro Benzene
Amino Compounds
Molecules of Life
1.Bio Molecules (Carbohydrates)
Chemistry in the service of Mankind
1.Chemsitry In The Service Of Mankind
Volumetric analysis (Acidimetry and Alkalimetry)
1. Volumetric Analysis
2.Volumetric Analysis
3.Volumetric Analysis
4.Volumetric Analysis
5.Volumetric Analysis
Electro Chemistry
1. Electro Chemical Cell
2. Electro Chemical Cell-2
3. Electrochemical Lecture 3
4. Electro Chemical Cell-4
5. Electrochemical Lecture 5
Chemical kinetics
12. Chemical Kinetic
13. Rate Law
14. Order Of Reaction
15. Chemical Kinetics Numerical
16. Molecularity Numericals
17. Integrated Rate Equation
18. Activation Energy
Ionic Equilibrium
1.Ionic Equilibrium (Ostwald's Dilution Law)
2.Ionic Equilibrium (Ionic Product of Water)
3.Ionic Equilibrium (pH and pH scale)
4.Ionic Equilibrium (pH and pH scale calculations)
5.Ionic Equilibrium (Concept of Acid and Base)
6.Ionic Equilibrium (Concept of Acid and Base)
7.Ionic Equilibrium (Common Ion Effect, Buffer Solution)
8.Ionic Equilibrium (Solubility Product)
9.Ionic Equilibrium (Application of Solubility Product)
10.Ionic Equilibrium (Hydrolysis of Salt)
11. Numerical On Solubility Product
12.Ionic Equilibrium
Chemical Thermodynamics
1.Chemical Thermodynamics
2.Chemical Thermodynamics
3. First Law Of Thermodynamics
4. Enthalpy (H)
5.Enthalpy (H)
6.Enthalpy (H)
7.Chemical Thermodynamics
8.Chemical Thermodynamics
9.Chemical Thermodynamics
10.Chemical Thermodynamics
Organometallic Compounds
1.Organometallic Compounds
Transition Elements
1.Transition Elements
2.Transition Elements
Heavy Metal
8.Paper And Pulp
Heavy Metal Chapter Test

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