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Grade XII Physics (NEB New Syllabus)

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Language: English and Nepali

Instructors: Sanat Kumar Giri, Bashistha Chaudhary, Ram Tiwari

Validity Period: 90 days

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Course Description

Mr. Sanat Kumar Giri, Mr. Bashistha Chaudhary and Mr. Ram Tiwari are best known for their effective teaching style that makes the subject matter easily understandable to the students. They have years of teaching experience in the pretigious colleges of Nepal and are the most demanded faculties for Physics. 

Hamro Academy exclusively brings you a high quality studio recorded classes for preparation of Grade XII Physics (strictly based on the revised syllabus of NEB) without having a need to go to tuition centres. Subscribing to this course will help you study at your own pace and time. As the videos are recorded, you can watch videos at any time you like. The classes are very explanatory and we have tried our best to cover as many queries as students ask during the physical classes but still if you don't understand any concepts you can always put your questions in the discussion forum. The support team is always there to address you. 

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Course Curriculum

Wave Motion and Mechanical Waves
1.Wave And Sound
2. Wave And Sound
3. Wave And Sound
4. Wave And Sound
5. Wave And Sound
6. Wave And Sound
Mechanical Wave numerical lecture 1
Mechanical Wave numerical lecture 2
Wave in Pipes and Strings
7.Wave And Sound
8.Wave And Sound
9.Wave And Sound
10.Wave And Sound
11.Wave And Sound
12.Wave In Pipes And Strings
Accoustic Phenomenon
1.Acoustic Phenomenon
2.Acoustic Phenomena
3.Acoustic Phenomena (Pressue Amplitude)
4. Numerical On Acoustic Phenomena
Nature and Propagation of Light
1.Wave Theory Of Light
2.Wave Theory Of Light
1. Interference Of Light Lec 1
2. Interfernce Of Light Lec 2
3. Young's Double Slit 1
4. Young's Double Slit 2
1. Diffraction
2. Diffraction
3. Diffraction
1. Polarization
2. Polarization
Current Electricity
1. Parallel Galvanometer Conversion
3. Wheatstone Bridge Lecture 1
4 .Wheatstone Bridge Lecture 2
Thermoelectric effects
5. Thermoelectric Effect
Magnetic Field of Current
6. Biot and Savart Law Lecture 1
7. Biot and Savart Law Lecture 2
8. Biot and Savart Law Lecture 3
9. Ampere's Circuital Law
10. Numerical of Magnetic effect of current
11. Magnetic Effect Of Current Lecture 1
12. Magnetic Effect Of Current Lecture 2
13. Magnetic Effect Of Current Lecture 3
14. Magnetic Effect Of Current Lecture 4
15. Magnetic Effect Of Current Lecture 5
Electrimagnetic Induction
1.Electromagnetic Induction
2. Electromagnetic Induction
3.Electromagnetic Induction
4.Electromagnetic Induction
5.Electromagnetic Induction
6.Electromagnetic Induction
Alternating Currents
1.Alternating Currents
2.Alternating Currents
3.Alternating Currents
Alternating Currents Questions 1
Alternating Currents Questions 2
Magnetic Properties of Material
1.Magnetic Properties Of Materials New
2.Magnetic Properties Of Materials
3.Magnetic Properties Of Materials
Electron Lecture 1
Electron Lecture 2
Electron Lecture 3
Electron Lecture 4
Electron Lecture 5
Electron Lecture 6
Electron Lecture 7
Electron Lecture 8
Photon Lecture 1
Photon Lecture 2
Photon Lecture 3
Photon Lecture 4
Photon Lecture 5
Photon Lecture 6
Semiconductor Devices
Radioactive and Nuclear Reaction
Quantization of Energies
Atomic Structure Lecture 1
Atomic Structure Lecture 2
Atomic Structure Lecture 3
Atomic Structure Lecture 4
Atomic Structure Lecture 5
Atomic Structure Lecture 6
Recent Trends in Physics
1.Recent Trends In Physics
3.Thermodynamics Process
4.Thermodynamics Process
Second Law Of Thermodynamics
1.Second Law Of Thermodynamics
2.Second Law Of Thermodynamic Petrol Engine
3.Second Law Of Thermodynamic
Rotational Motion
1.Rotational Motion
2.Rotational Motion
3.Rotational Motion
4.Numerical Of Rotational Motion
Periodic Motion
1.Periodic Motion (Simple Harmonic Motion)
3.Periodic Motion
4.Periodic Motion Numerical
5.Periodic Motion
2.Periodic Motion
Fluid Mechanics
1.Fluid Mechanics
2.Fluid Mechanics
3.Fluid Mechanics
4.Fluid Mechanics
5.Fluid Mechanics

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