CAP I Fundamentals of Economics

Language: English and Nepali

Instructors: Hamro Academy

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Why this course?


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CAP I Economics Course Features:
1. This course consists of Video lectures of more than 35+ hours containing
✅Full Syallbus Coverage of ICAN
✅Full Conceptual Clarity
✅Full discussion of Subjective Question
✅Separate Disccusion of MCQs
✅Includes Past year Questions of ICAN
✅ Book will be provided without any additional cost.
2. Course can be accessed from
✅Mobile Phones and Tablets. (Any 1 Medium)
3. Validity
✅ 6 months from date of purchase (in terms of days)
✅ 55 hours ( in terms of watch time)
4. Others
✅ QUERY SOLUTION – Student can ask their queries in the discussion platform in the mobile app.
✅ Language is Nepali and English.
✅ The given fee is non-refundable and Non Transferrable.

Course Curriculum

Paper 2B: Fundamentals of Economics
1. Theory of Demand and Supply.m4v
2. Theory of Demand and Supply
3. Theory of Demand and Supply
4. Theory of Demand and Supply
5. Theory of Demand and Supply
6. Theory of Demand and Supply
1. Elasticity of Demand
2. Elasticity of Demand
3. Elasticity of Demand
4. Elasticity of Demand
5. Elasticity of Demand
1. Theory of Consumer Behavior
2. Theory of Consumer Behavior
1. Theory of Production
2. Theory of Production
3. Theory of Production
1.Revenue and Cost Curves
2.Revenue and Cost Curves
3.Revenue and Cost Curves
1.Theory of Price and Output Determination
2.Theory of Price and Output Determination
3.Theory of Price and Output Determination
4.Theory of Price and Output Determination
Unit 8 International Trade
Nepalese Economy Lecture 1
Nepalese Economy Lecture 2
1. Introduction
2. Introduction
Revision Unit 2 To 6

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