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CAP I Mercantile Law

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Language: English and Nepali

Instructors: Hamro Academy

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  • Video lectures of more than 30+ hours
  • Full Syllabus Coverage of ICAN
  • Full Conceptual Clarity
  • Full discussion of Subjective Question
  • Separate Disccusion of MCQs
  • Includes Past year Questions of ICAN

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Course Curriculum

Paper 2A: Mercantile Laws
1. Introduction To Law
2. Introduction To Law
3.Introduction To Law
4. Introduction & Basic Concepts Of Contract
5. Introduction & Basic Concepts Of Contract
6. Introduction & Basic Concepts Of Contract
7.Proposal Offer & Acceptance
8.Proposal Offer & Acceptance
9.Capacity To Contract
10.Capacity To Contract
11.Free Consent And Factors Affecting Free Consent
12.Free Consent And Factors Affecting Free Consent
13.Consideration Legality And Object Of Consideration
14. Contingent Contracts,Assignment Of Contract,Privity Of Contract
15.Performance Of Contract
16.Termination Of Contract
17.Breach Of Contract And Its Remedies
18.Contract Relating To Bailment And Pledge
19.Contract Relating To Bailment And Pledge
20.Relating To Agency
21.Relating To Agency
22.Contract Relating To Guarantee & Indemnity
23.Contract Of Sale Of Goods
24.Contract Of Sale Of Goods
25.Contract Relating To Carriage Of Goods
26.Introduction & Basic Concepts In Partnership, Registration Of Partnership
27.Dissolution Of Partnership ,Quasi Contract
28.Interpretation Of Statutes, Contract Relating To Lease And Hire Purchase
29.Wages And Labor &Provisions Relating To Torts
30. Provisions relating liability for defective production
Past Year Suggested Question Answer (Mercantile Law )
1.Mercantile Law Past Year Question Answer Part 1
2.Mercantile Law Past Year Question Answer Part 2

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