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Language: English and Nepali

Instructors: CA Sunil Joshi

Validity Period: 180 days

Max Viewing Hours: 80 Hours



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Course Features

  • Full Syllabus Coverage of ICAN
  • Full Conceptual Clarity
  • Discussion of Subjective Question

Course can be accessed from

  • Mobile
  • Tablets


  • 9 Months from the date of purchase (In terms of days)
  • 80 Hours in terms of watch time


  • Live Discussion Forum
  • Downloadable for offline View

System Requirement

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Terms of Use

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Course Curriculum

Introduction Preview
Lecture 1 Basic Concepts in Auditing
Basic Concepts in Auditing
Lecture 2 Overall Audit Process and Planning
Overall Audit Process And Planning
Lecture 3 Audit Procedures
Audit Procedures
Lecture 4 Audit Evidence
Audit Evidence
Lecture 5 Audit conclusion and reporting
Audit conclusion and reporting
Lecuture 6 Other Matters in Audit Report
Other Matters In Audit Report-
Lecture 7 Materiality
Lecture 8 Internal Control System
Internal Control System
Lecture 9 Other standards relating to audit evidence
9. New Other Standards Related To Audit Evidence
Lecture 10 Audit Risk, Vouching and Verification
10. Audit Risk, Vouching And Verification
Lecture 11 Government Audit
11. Government Audit
Lecture 12 Code of ethics
12. Code Of Ethics
Lecture 13 NSA 240, 250 and Quality Control
13. NSA 240, 250 And Quality Control
Lecture 14 EDP Audit
14. EDP Audit
Lecture 15 NSA 540, 560 and Other Special Standards
15. NSA 540, 560 And Other Special Standards
Exam paper analysis
16. Exam paper analysis June 2019
17. Exam Paper analysis December 2019
18. Exam Paper Analysis December 2018
19. Exam Paper Analysis June 2018
20. Exam Paper Analysis December 2017
21. Exam Paper Analysis June 2017
Audit Content
Chapter 1 Introduction
Chapter 2 Introduction to Assurance
Chapter 3 Frauds and Errors in Financial Statements
Chapter 4 Overall Audit Process
Chapter 5 Audit Materiality
Chapter 6 Audit Procedures and Techniques
Chapter 7 Audit Evidence
Chapter 8 Audit Documentation
Chapter 9 Internal Control System
Chapter 10 Audit Risk and Its Components
Chapter 11 Audit in CIS Environment - EDP Environment
Chapter 12 Sampling
Chapter 13 Vouching and Verification
Chapter 14 Audit of Special Sectors
Chapter 15 Government Audit
Chapter 16 Company Audit
Chapter 17 Audit Conclusion and Reporting
Chapter 18 Appoinment of Auditors - Provision of Various Acts
Chapter 19 Code of Ethics
Chapter 20 Quality Control in Audit Firm
Chapter 21 Miscellaneous
Chapter 22 Standard on Auditing
Chapter 23 Nepal Standard on Assurance Engagement
Chapter 24 Nepal Standard on Riview Engagement
Chapter 25 Nepal Standard on Related Service

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