BBS First year - Statistics

Language: English, Nepali

Instructors: Abhishek Panthi

Validity Period: 365 days

Max Viewing Hours: 90 Hours



Why this course?


This course is intended for BBS students and is entirely based on the program of the BBS of Nepal. This course is designed and developed by highly qualified academic professionals.

Other Features

  1. The student will also get access to the discussion forum in the app where they can discuss regarding their queries.
  2. Notes will be provided in the PDF Format.
  3. Classes will run only on Mobile/Tablet devices (Android and IOS both)
  4. Classes will run on one device only, for one student. 
  5. Students will be given for 1.5 times for each lecture.
  6.  You can pause, forward and rewind the class. You can increase or decrease the speed.
  7. ONLY PLAYING TIME WILL BE ADDED, INTO CONSUMPTION. Like if the video is for 2 Hours you will get 2 X 1.5 = 3 Hours time. Now if a student sees for 10 minutes, then remaining time will be 2 Hours and 50 Minutes)
  8. Student needs internet connection for  INSTALLATION and for top up of the course.
  9. Expiry of the material – 12 Months (From the activation date)
  10. Language: Nepali & English
  11. The given fee is non-refundable and Non Transferable.

Note: Legal proceedings SHALL be followed if students copy the lecture or distribute the same, anyhow.

Course Curriculum

  •  Chapter 0: Basic 
  • Chapter 1: Introduction 
  • Chapter 2: Classification and Presentation of Data 
  • Chapter 3: Measures of Central Tendency
  • Chapter 4: Measure of Dispersion 
  • Chapter 5: Skewness Kurtosis and Moments
  • Chapter 6: Simple Correlation and Regression Analysis 
  • Chapter 7: Analysis of Time Series 
  •  Chapter 8: Index Numbers 
  • Chapter 9: Probability 
  • Chapter 10: Sampling and Estimation 
  • Chapter 11: Quantitative Analysis 
  • Chapter 12: Linear Programming Problem 
  • Chapter 13: Determinant 
  • Chapter 14: Matrix

How to Use

After successful purchase of the course, it will be added to your course list. You can access it from the "Library" tab of your mobile app.
For android app you can download it from Google Play Store.
For IOS you can download it from Apple App Store.